Ivory North has been on our hearts for quite some time now. The idea came from a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a strong desire to raise our family somewhere away from it all. We got married on a farm in 2011 and since then we knew creating a space for people to come together and celebrate love was a dream we just had to pursue.  


In 2012 we had our first baby! At the time we were living in a tiny bungalow in a cramped neighborhood while April was finishing up her MSN in Milwaukee. The joy of having a little girl was unmatched by anything we had ever experienced, but the ache to whisk our girl away to a drafty farmhouse somewhere far away was something we couldn’t ignore. April dropped out of school, began pursuing photography and we started searching for homes in Minnesota!  

We eventually found a place we loved on 7 acres! It wasn’t a farm, and we couldn’t build on it, but we were thrilled to have a little room to roam! We kept brainstorming and praying, and praying some more. A year and a half later our house was destroyed in a fire. All of our remaining belongings were boxed up and we were left with a choice. I guess if you’re reading this you know what we decided! We felt God was opening a door for us. We started looking for possible venue properties and after a very long arduous search, we found Ivory North!

We made an offer the day after she hit the market, and we hadn’t even seen her in daylight! We just knew this was home. We feel so blessed to have acquired this property. We’d love to tell you the story some day of how our bid was chosen. It wasn’t the only one, nor was it the highest and it was up against an all cash offer. It’s still surreal to us.


We have been capturing weddings since 2012 and we have been so lucky to capture in SO many unique and beautiful spaces! We’ve been so inspired by the spaces and the wonderful people who run them. We hope our experience in the wedding industry will be an asset to you as you plan your wedding day! Our philosophy has always been people first, business second. We strive to run our business with integrity. We are open, honest and care so much about our couples having the BEST experience possible.

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We are now a family of five and bringing our babies out to the farm has been the one of best and most gratifying decisions we have ever made. We love spending time with our kiddos, being outside, going on adventures, catching frogs, playing games, having wild dance parties and LOTS of tickles fights. 

If you’re intrigued by Ivory North we would LOVE to meet you. Love stories are our absolute favorite and we want to hear yours!